International Sexual Exploitation​ Enemies United

501(c)(3) Public Charity

1. Find your cause 
2. Do some research
a. Are there women suffering in your area?
b. Are there houses of prostitution in your area?
i. Some nasty websites to check
1. 2. 3.
c. What are the existing laws & ordinances regulating the problem? d. How is it affecting you and your community?
3. Gather support a. Talk to your neighbors, Parent Teacher Organizations, church, recovery community b.  Start a petition & ask friends to share c.  Open a forum for people to sign & share their commitment to the cause, how the problem is affecting them and
what they want done about it
4. Make some phone calls a. Call other organizations who may already be fighting the fight, join forces, don't be discouraged - keep your passion
& inspiration and act on it b. Call illicit businesses directly to gather information, take photos, print out reviews c. Call property owners to make them aware of what is happening on their property and ask what they are doing to
address it
5. Request meetings with powerful people a. Call the Mayor’s office b. Call the Police Chief c. Call the State attorney General’s office d. Call the Governor e. Call state legislators
6. Prepare packets for meeting attendees a. Good things to include:
i. Signatures from your petitions
ii. A list of the parlors/sexually oriented business in your area note if they’re located near schools/day cares            iii. Reviews from the explicit websites
​ iv. Articles on the harms to communities because of Sexually Oriented Businesses (crime, property value, etc.)            v. Articles about other cities that have taken action
​ vi. Polaris Project model massage parlor ordinances            vii. A list of the action you want taken
7. Find speakers who can speak from personal experience a. If you can find an addict in recovery who can speak from personal experience with these types of businesses that
would be effective b. Invite men or women whose families have fallen apart due to a partners use of these types of businesses c. Invite someone who works with wives affected by the addiction of a loved one d. Invite a representative of an organization that works to address sexual exploitation
8. Put your best foot forward a. Dress nicely b. Smile c. Be kind d. Use good manners & social skills
9. Pray a. Pray as a group before the meeting b. Invite others to pray/send positive thoughts for you before and during your
​ c. Put the names of your speakers &/or organization on the prayer roll of any organization you can think of
10. Show those with ability to make changes that you are committed to the cause and determined to see change happen a.Be kind and supportive but stand firm.  Make sure they know you are committed
11. Ask for their help a. Ask what they are currently doing to address the problem b. Ask for them to take action with existing laws c. Ask what problems they’ve had enforcing the existing legislation d. Ask for them to re-write applicable laws and ordinances e. Ask them to step up their efforts at enforcement
12. Ask how you can help them a. Ask them to hold a public meeting – offer to speak b. Speak up at city council meetings c. Provide research to them d. Call us & we’ll help however we can
13.  Cooperate & help a. Show up to meetings b. Follow up c. These changes don’t happen over night d. With focus & determination & help from above, these changes can happen!

How to be a Community Activist