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2015 Mesa updated their "Massage Parlor Ordinance" they must now close by 10 pm, there must be visibility from the street into the establishment (similar to convenience stores), massage may not happen behind locked doors, background checks are now 10 years instead of 5 for business owners and managers.

Call to Action

Please let police know if there are establishments that you are worried may be brothels.  You can also let us know and we'll post STD testing information and do what we can to raise awareness of the issue in your neighborhood.  If you know a man who could use help making healthy change in regards to his sexual compulsions or a woman who is suffering from betrayal trauma, don't hesitate to reach out.  We'd love to share the resources we've found with you!

Gilbert, AZ

2014 Gilbert has updated their Massage Parlor Ordinance as well!  We are happy with the changes and awareness that are happening in ISEEUHope's hometowns!


Call to Action

Please let police and us know if there are establishments that you suspect are sex parlors.  We don't want sex trafficking in our neighborhoods or ANYWHERE!

Mesa, AZ